Welcome NSI Systems

This is the home of all Necessity Solutions client support and management.

It’s not finished!

Please accept our apologies if some of this site is incomplete, not all the planned functionality is enabled. We wanted to get the new features and services out to you a soon as possible, we thought it better to release the site as it was while we add the extra functions.

Open a support ticket

Click below to open a support ticket, the form that opens allows you enter a ticket without having to log in. You must be a registered client of NSI to raise a support ticket.

Account access

Click here to log into your client account, you must have a valid client account to log in. If you would like to add additional users please open a support ticket, and select ‘Account’ as the ticket type.


Click here to get access to our help forums and bulletin boards. Here you will find general and specific forums for NSI clients and staff.

Our Support

What do we offer clients by the way of support?

We offer everything from working day support up to 24/7/365 support for all our services and clients. Just pick what suits you best.

Behind our Systems

What do we use to to make your work happen?

We are using the best systems at our price point to facilitate all you work requirements. As far as possible we use open source software for all our systems.


How do we get you noticed?

The resources we have to get the work done.

We use resources from around the world, we have staff in 5 different locations which provides us with an around the clock work day.

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