What systems sit behind what we do?

Open Source and the Open Source community

Why Open source – we are looking to embrace the core concept of the transparency and openness of the open source community. Where everything is given freely, open to peer review, available for frank and open discourse on its development and future roadmap. Nothing is hidden, controlled or manipulated by any given individual, corporation or entity.

We intend to promote, support and utilise the philosophies and values of this community.

The first step is the way we run our business, that is set out in the pages surrounding this one, how we will try to support small businesses by giving them the practical assistance and work ethic deserving of our community. All at a hopefully affordable cost which were we can we will spread out into affordable staged payments.

One of the steps we are taking is with our software and hardware choices.

Originally an exclusively an ‘Apple Mac’ house NSI is gradually, as circumstances allow transitioning to an open source core set of values for us, for our clients and our systems.

All our servers run Linux in various forms, our dev systems are all linux based. Gradually our in -house systems are going open source as well. Our studio will be open source in the near future.

This has been driven by disenchantment with Apple and their drop in quality of there entire product line. Their continued grab for the next piece or pieces of our lives that will give them greater control and bind us tighter to their ‘ecosystem’

Funny choice of word that . . . ‘ecosystem’ The defining thing about an ecosystem is the balance with which it exists. Once out of balance an ecosystem comes crashing down, just ask the dinosaurs! Oh you can’t, cos there dead! (forgive me, Grug moment)

The funny thing is when an ecosystem collapses what survives? The smallest, the most adaptable, those most connected to the whole. This is not your huge corporations, your Apple’s, Google’s, Facebook’s Microsoft’s and their like.

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As mentioned above we will gradually move across to become a fully Linux house. As painful and as fraught with missteps this may be it will be worth it in the end. We will free our selves of being tied to a set of rules that apply to only one playing field. We will be more open and adaptable and be able to advise clients and partners of a more open way of working.

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As far as possible up until now we strive to use open source applications on our systems to allow the greatest transparency in what we do and how our and our clients and partners is handled.


One of our core values is the support we offer to our clients, I know everyone says it, and some even mean it, but we will go out of our way to support, promote and assist our clients and partners in any way we can. If we can do that at no cost to them we will.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

You have probably heard of the GDPR, it is that piece of legislation that has come in effect in the EU and UK(preempting brexit here:-)

It is actually a fine bit of legislation, making a generally good attempt at protecting users information from the darker intentions of big corporations and those who would knowingly misuse that information, mentioning no names of course . . . Facebook! oops!

I know what you are thinking “why should I care, you(we) are a Canadian company running a Canadian site for Canadian clients.”

Are yes this all true, But, and it is a big but, (think Beyonce not Kylie.)

The ‘but’ is that the Canadians don’t have anything like this in place, I would like to think they will in time. But it’s a government thing, so don’t hold your breath.

The americans don’t have anything in place like this, and the chances of it happening are about as likely as monkeys flying out of my Beyonce.

Seriously the last thing the american government wants is people in control of there own information.

So, our view is, this is the strongest piece of legislation (as yet) for this kind of protection for the everyday person, who may not realise the truth of how much damage can be done with too much information in the wrong hands.

Because of this we are and will continue to implement the GDPR as far as we can and as quickly as we can for ourselves and all our clients, free of charge. This not a cost we feel we can pass onto clients as it is our responsibility to build this into our daily processes.


This is one area we have fallen down in, and we are not proud of it. Accessibility is the function by which we make ours and our client sites reachable, understandable and clear for any user regardless of any disability they may have.

It is actually a set of processes which we will carry out to make all our websites and systems as accessible as possible from their launch date and on-wards. It is not something we have always paid the highest priority to as it has both a monetary and time cost to implement.

As of the beginning of 2018 this accessibility has been in place as of release date. We are currently back tracking through our already released sites putting right what should have been implemented originally. We hope to have them all completed by the end of the summer 2018. This is again a cost we are not comfortable passing on to clients as it is something we should have implemented from the outset, therefore this will be a free of charge upgrade to all our clients.

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